MSfit Momma Menu Plan #1

I have adopted the habit of Menu Planning our meals on Sunday nights.  I do it for a few reasons.  I can stretch our Grocery Budget if I know what I’m making.  I also go to the grocery store and just stick to the list (for the most part. I am guilty of adding things if there is a good sale or I can get a rebate on an item from one of the many shopping apps I use.) It also helps us eat through our fridge and pantry so I waste (hopefully) less food.

It also really helps me not come home and panic about what to make for dinner.   My kids have different school schedules and when they are in school, we pretty much drop one off and pick up the other and drop one off, etc.  It’s a ton of Mom-Taxi Service during the school year.  My husband comes home for lunch at dinner time and it helps me have dinner for him ready to eat if I know what I’m making.

I used to plan a month at at time but I feel like we eat the same things all the time.  In fairness, I am super picky though and the foods I like, I really LIKE.  Haha.

I also really don’t like leftovers so when I plan, I try and make 2 different meals out of one thing.  Example: Ground Beef: Tacos one night and Lasagna another. Chicken: Chicken and Chicken Salad Sandwiches later in the week,  This also saves me prep time because I can brown a pound or two at the same time.

I also make sure I do a crock-pot meal on Monday’s to get back into the flow of the week and one Thursday, because I’m pretty exhausted by then.  This weeks menu doesn’t reflect that since the kids are still on Winter Break from school.

Today’s meal was supposed to be Turkey Taquitos to use the last of the Turkey from Christmas but I am soooo turkey’ed out. So while I was at Target today, I noticed they had seasoned Chicken Cutlets on Special for $3 off (making it $5) and I had a box of wild rice in my pantry. It’s ok if you change it up if necessary.  It’s a PLAN, it’s not binding.

These are pictures of the 2 planners I have. Both are you can write on/wipe off and magnetic.I stick them to the side of the fridge.20141228_195014 20141228_195002

This is my menu plan for this week:20141228_200918

Also just because it’s scheduled on a particular day, doesn’t mean we will 100% eat it that day.

Do you menu plan? Do you have an easy go to recipe for when the weeks are just too crazy?


MSfit Momma makes a Ta Da List!

Hello and Welcome to MSfit Momma! I’m a momma with Multiple Sclerosis (MS).  I am Married and have a 5 and 3-1/2 year old. I have been diagnosed with MS for about 2-1/2 years now. Since my life suddenly changed, I have been  forced to figure out new ways of doing things.  I have issues walking and thinking.  In the Summer, I often have to use a mobility device because my left leg goes on strike and doesn’t work.  I have had to find ways to stretch our pennies, stretch our food and stretch my sanity.  That last one is part of where this blog comes in. I need more Adult interaction.  It’s hard to be with my kids 24/7.  I love that I am home with them but sometimes I just want to talk about adult topics.

I have never been a List Maker. Writing out Lists panics me. The thought of writing things out is so overwhelming. What if you forget to put something on the list??  It was never an issue before MS because I could just remember things…Birthdays, groceries, things that needed to be done, phone calls that needed to be made.  It was never a problem.  Now it’s a huge problem because my brain plays tricks on me.  Just thinking about something, sometimes gets translated to that I took care of it and I don’t know the difference until it comes up later (often in the form of a Past Due Notice).   I just want to share some ideas I’ve come up with that have helped me become more organized. Hopefully a tip here and there will help you too!

1) If the thought of WRITING things down overwhelms you enlist help.  My husband writes out most of our lists for me. We have Family Planning Meetings about once a week.  We have a conversation after the kids are asleep and he writes down the main things that need to get done that week.  (Birthday gift for Grandma, getting our son to his class because I have a doctors appt, etc.)  I also have been known to call my best friends or sister to write lists for me over the phone.

2) Keep a notepad and pen in the kitchen and one set in the bathroom.  As you use the last of the milk, add it to the list in the kitchen. Out of shampoo? Add it to the list in the bathroom.  Grab the lists on your way to the store.  (I put them in my coupon binder so I can try save money at the store and match them up with coupons and sales.)

3) When we first moved in to the house we live in now, I had my husband scribble out cleaning supplies for each area of the house (Bathroom, Kitchen and Laundry Area) I also read this list to jog my memory before going shopping to make sure we don’t miss something we forgot to add to the lists.

20141227_145140 20141227_145124

4) If all else fails, TEXT something you suddenly remember to someone.  I send texts all the time to my BFF or Mom that say odd things like, “String Cheese”, followed immediately by a second text that read “Ignore that”.  There have been many apps suggested to me by friends to help write lists but none have really worked.  If I text it, I can reference it later since I sent it.

5) Keep a calendar.  We have a calendar in our bedroom, one in the Man Cave and one I carry in my purse. I update them all on the first of the month with whatever has been scheduled that month already.  We have busy schedules and something is bound to slip through the cracks but automatically updating on the first works for us.  The calendar in the Man Cave is also helpful to my husband.  He can look at what our week or month looks like. Sometimes I forget to tell him I scheduled something or sometimes it doesn’t occur to me to tell him about something. This helps us communicate without having a conversation sometimes.  If something gets added, I go around and update all 3 calendars at once.

6) Lastly, I have a cleaning schedule that I try really hard to adhere too.  It doesn’t always happen because there are days I’m too tired/lazy/hurting to care if the carpets get vacuumed but it’s nice to have a schedule to reference.  This makes housework feel less overwhelming to me. Also things that are less important to me like dusting every week, my husband takes care of on his day off.  (I do dust but it’s not weekly.) 20141227_151250

See I made a Ta Da!! list of 6 things you can try to do in your house to help you keep your house running slightly smoother! What are somethings that you do around your house to keep it more organized?