MSfit Packing

You know when you have a baby/babies and you pack for a two day trip, and suddenly, the truck is overflowing and all you have is a carry on size bag for you because that’s all that will fit for you?

Now that my “babies” are bigger, we don’t have to cart around the usual baby gear: stroller, play pen, diaper bag, baby backpack carrier, travel diaper bag, car seats and carriers?

I sometimes feel my MS gear has replaced all that baby stuff! Do you bring the walker & the wheelchair? Wheelchair & cane? Just the scooter? Just the walker because it has a seat or I can walk?

I have been feeling good lately and since it’s cooler I didn’t pack ANY! Did it come back and bite my butt?


We got to San Diego and no lie, we were there ten minutes and my leg went on the fritz. So of course I got really mad at myself for not just bringing what I needed. My cane at the minimum would have been super helpful.

I need to stop feeling like I’m a burden to my family when we go places. Did I feel like my babies were a burden when they needed all that junk? Nope. Does my family feel like I am? Nope.

I need to work on that.

Repeat after me: I am not a burden. I am NOT a burden. I am a MSfit and that’s ok.


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