MSfit Momma plans new date nights!

I was messing around on Facebook and noticed the last place I checked in was 3 weeks ago on a date night with the hubby.

We had went to a hockey game because he won tickets from work.  After the game, we went to this 5 star steak house for appetizers because they were running a promo for $4 appetizers after the game.  It was fun and was at a place we typically would have to reserve going to for an anniversary & saving up because it was FANCY! (We were way under dressed in our jeans and sweatshirts from the game.)

The memory got me thinking of how we could afford to have more adventures like that to places we couldn’t typically afford or places we might think to go or haven’t even heard of.

I decided that every time we get a $5 bill, we will stick it in a jar for Date Nights and then when it’s time to pick a date, we will go on Living Social or Groupon and pick something fun to do that might take us out of our comfort zone.  They have so many fun things on those sights: comedy clubs, whale watching, restaurants. I think it could be a really fun!  Adding $5 to the jar shouldn’t be too noticeable either and should add up pretty easy.

I really wish I had thought of this idea yesterday before I spent $5 on Lotto scratchers and LOST that $5!  Lesson learned.


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