MSfit Momma Meal Plan #3

So I am following this 28 Day Detox but the cost of Organic is killing my food budget.  I will be doing some serious price comparison on Weds when the Ads come to see where I can stretch my pennies the most.  They sent a bunch of meal ideas that you could stick with or create your own.  Since I spent so much last week, I hit my pantry and freezer to make similar healthy meals but from what I already have.  I routinely look through my freezer and pantry to stretch our food budget when I menu plan but If I can stretch that last weeks $89 to cover this week also, I think I will be less discouraged about eating better. It wasn’t all spend on food per say.  We spent $11 on a jug of Olive Oil. We spent $6 on Almond Butter.  IE- things that we will use to cover more than one meal but that $89 still really hurt my grocery paying brain.  I was going to go to the local farmers market today too to see their prices on organic food but it’s rainy so I stayed in. So anyways here is this weeks Healthy Eating Plan!



MSfit Momma Meal Plan #2

This week’s menu reflects going Gluten Free and Organic for the month of January. Total and full disclosure: I am participating in an Arbonne 28 Day Toxic Cleanse.  My friend sales Arbonne and asked me if I would participate. The menu they give is Gluten Free and Organic.  The shakes are pretty tasty too which is good since I will be drinking them twice a day along with tea and other supplements.   I need the accountability of a weight loss challenge to stick with it.  I also text my bff my weight and inches so when I call her frantic for something tasty, she will remind me it’s only x numbers for days left. I am hoping to loose 20#. I am 40# up from when I graduated high school 15 years ago. I can’t blame it on being a newlywed, new mom or the freshman 15.  Really, I got in a relationship and got comfortable.  I also have limited mobility with my left leg so exercising is few and far between.

I want to loose weight. That is my main goal.  If I also improve my MS symptoms- fantastic!

There are lots of theories that changing your food habits can help your MS symptoms. I’ve never gone into MS Remission so I figure what do I have to loose to go Gluten Free for a month and see if I notice any changes. I am on day 2 and still want to continue, so that’s good. (I had to fight the urge to finish that sentence with a smiley face.)

Question for those of you that already eat this way, how can you save money going Organic? It doesn’t seem like they carrying much that I’ve ever seen a coupon for.  We spent 2 and -1/2 times our weekly food budget for the first week of food. To be fair we bought some stuff not on the list for the kids and we bought stuff that will carry over week to week like a big jar of Olive Oil.

I get that it is a lifestyle change to go Organic. I’m just not sure I can afford it.

Here’s this week’s menu:20150103_172138 20150104_095850 We have so much chili left, I will probably freeze half of it. It was really good.